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Ayiti Demain

Ayiti Demain

Nom : Ayiti Demain

Ayiti Demain, as an umbrella organization, is poised to be a force of change for Haiti by reaching out to all Haitians and delivering realistic solutions to the development of Haitian communities abroad and in Haiti. It vows to bring a change in socio-economic conditions of those communities. Our goal is to promote democracy, equity, social justice, sustainable development, and responsible use of Haitian professionalism, talent, and expertise in those communities through the use of all types of Media and all other economic and human resources available. To spring forth this endeavor, Ayiti Demain will target a wide array of issues which are directly associated with Haitians. Ayiti Demain, along with other concerned organizations, is to provide a Yearly Progressive Summit and establish a Resource Center to engage the Haitians living abroad and in Haiti in the Reconstruction of Haiti and development of their communities. Ayiti Demain will play a vital role in initiating the momentum of this Progressive Summit and Resource Center. The strong networks of professionals, businesses, corporations, experts, students, and voluntary sectors will enable our success. The network will broaden the scope of interaction between Haitians and help them to realize their common interests as a nation. The yearly Summit will be a prominent gathering of Haitians to engage in deep and lively discussion about the ideas and issues that shape our lives as Haitians living abroad, and most of all to focus on a specific humanitarian project in Haiti. The Resource Center is to assist and empower Haitians in the Diaspora through the discovering and sharing of social and other community resources. It is to be a network of information to support Haitians to find the resources they need to help themselves and make a difference. The Resource Center is to be an internationally recognized leader whose services are to create a platform to interact, promote dignity and justice, and create a future of hope and opportunity for the Haitian Diaspora. The services are to include, but not limited to, information and referrals to Housing and Social Services, Health and Education services, Job assistance, Adult Literacy, Computer Skills and Technology, Art and Music, Training, Orientation to other Haitian services, etc.

Téléphone : 202-505-1494

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Catégorie : Associations

Adresse :7929 JONESBORO RD
Province :
Code postal :30236
Téléphone :202-505-1494