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Ciné Institute

Ciné Institute

Nom : Ciné Institute

Ciné Institute provides Haitian youth with film education and edutainment, technical training, and media related micro enterprise opportunities. We integrate educational film screenings into classrooms of public schools, train aspiring filmmakers in all aspects of production, and develop and produce films of all kinds in partnership with our students and graduates. The Institute also promotes excellence in Haitian cinema domestically and abroad and holds weekly entertainment screenings of films from around the world at its theater. Based in Jacmel, on Haiti's southern coast, Ciné Institute began as a film festival. Held for three years, Festival Film Jakmèl showed hundreds of international films free of charge to tens of thousands of Haitians.

Téléphone : 011-509-3462-0536

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Catégorie : Associations

Adresse :Route de Meyer
Ville :Jacmel, Haïti
Province :
Code postal :
Téléphone :011-509-3462-0536